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Leka Systems – Lightweight, Solid Roofs for Conservatories

Tiled replacement conservatory roof solutions from Leka Systems. We provide lightweight conservatory roof replacement systems throughout the UK.

  • Typically fitted in 2/3 days
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Energy Efficient
  • MFA Approved
  • 40 Years Warranty
  • UK Installation Network
  • 10,000+ Satisfied Customers

MFA Approved – Solid Conservatory Roof

We designed the lightweight Leka Roof to outperform as well as outlast common glass and polycarbonate roofing systems. It’s so good it has been approved by MFA, the approved building inspector licenced by the Government, and our patented technologies lead the way for innovation in the industry. Superb home improvement

The Leka Systems tiled warm roof conservatory is protected by GB patent no. 2538540 and is one of the most innovative roof systems in the marketplace today’.

The MFA approved Leka System is a truly lightweight, tiled, solid conservatory roof system with an industry leading U value available from an astonishing 0.10.

Lightweight and Energy Efficient

We do not brand the new LEKA System as a lightweight energy efficient roof system, without having the facts to back it up, whilst more traditional products/materials actually weigh nearly double that of a traditional glass conservatory roof and have lower U values.

Do not just take our word for it, compare the facts?

Frequently Asked Questions i.e. Do I need to have building regulations? Answers on our FAQs page

Improved Insulation & Reduced Glare

If you have a glazed or polycarbonate roofing system on your conservatory, you may find the space too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The reason for this is poor roof insulation. It is also common for homeowners to find glare in the winter and summer unbearable. The Leka, roofing tiles system solves both these issues with proper insulation set into a solid, tiled conservatory roof. This creates a more usable space year-round than your existing conservatory roof.

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Faster Build Speeds

An advantage to our lightweight conservatory roof has over the competition is it is MFA approved, which allows building applications to be fast-tracked in most cases. This speeds up the build and is one of the reasons why installers love our system.

Increased Efficiency & Longevity

The Leka, tiled conservatory roof is far superior to competitor systems. It delivers the performance, efficiency and longevity of your normal roof, and crucially, a material match. With our conservatory roof tiles, you can have a concrete or slate effect tile in a wide range of colours.

Leka Systems is proud to be partnered with Checkatrade

We have teamed up with Checkatrade to offer our installers exclusive Checkatrade membership discounts.

Leka Skylite Options

The Leka Skylite provides the ultimate blend of comfort whilst letting natural light into your room. Bespoke in size, this unique option can be tailored to suit areas of your room that require additional light and offering with a bespoke modern framework

Improved Compatibility

Leka conservatory roof tiles are compatible with most existing conservatory builds or can replace a traditional roofing system on a new build. Our system weighs little more than a common glass roofing system with the benefits of added warmth and reduced glare. It’s the best warm roof conservatory system on the market in our opinion.

U Value From 0.10

Importantly, existing conservatories rarely need extra structural bracing, but should always be checked for suitability. This is key because it shows just how lightweight the Leka System is. It achieves this with an overall U value from 0.10. The closer a U value is to 0 the better a conservatory insulated roof is. Our warm roof conservatory, is one of the most thermally efficient on the market.

Unlimited Range of Styles

You can have your new, warm roof conservatory in a near unlimited range of styles. Popular styles include Victorian, Edwardian, gable ended, lean-to and combination. The Leka System can match the design of your old roof or replace it with a new design. It’s up to you. The Leka, conservatory roof system uses Composite slate and Metal Shingle concrete effect tiles. These engineered tiles are strong and hold up against the weather elements.

Leka Network

Because of its superior performance, the Leka System is often the first choice for solid conservatory roof conversions and building extensions. It is recommended that Network Leka Installers should be contracted to supply and install our conservatory roof systems. Network Leka Installers are trained to fully understand the system, the benefits and  and how it should be fitted. This ensures the information your receive is accurate and every installation is a high-quality one when fitted by Network Leka installers.

Extensive Experience

Some competitor roofs weigh twice that of our system.

We listened to our customers and leant on our extensive experience in the trade sector to design a genuine lightweight, tiled conservatory roofing system that outperforms in every way. When only the very best will do, the Leka System delivers, and that’s a guarantee.

Each component contained in our systems has been engineered to provide the very best thermal performance and longer life than our competitors.

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“The benefits are far superior than what we had expected. Good service and excellent workmanship to complement such a fantastic product in the Leka System. We now have a conservatory that is usable year-round and have already recommended this to our friends/family”

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Covering the UK & Ireland

Wherever you live in the UK & Ireland, we have you covered. Leka Systems is proud to work with a number of Network Leka Retailers and Manufactures across the UK.

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