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Archive for November 2018

Do conservatory roof blinds work?

If your conservatory is too hot to use in the summer, roof blinds will help keep the temperature down over the course of the day. However, they are not a perfect solution because they have no insulating properties, and only reflect sunlight back. This means they do not help keep a room cool when it…

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The benefits of a solid roof conservatory

It really is a matter of taste whether you prefer a glazed roof or a tiled roof on a conservatory. So, we can’t sit here and tell you one looks better than the other, but we can point out the differences and the benefits of a solid roof. These benefits are relevant to our own…

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Conservatories in Victorian times

The Victorians played a pivotal role in the development of the glass conservatory as we know it today. Influenced and endeared by the glorious glasshouses built for lords and the wealthy, glazers and engineers set out to create lightweight glasshouses on a much smaller scale for townhouses and regular property. As manufacturing output picked up…

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Tiled roof conservatory building regulations

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the building regulations surrounding tiled or solid roof conservatories. In this article, we will quash many of the myths surrounding permitted development and building control. — You might have read that if you want to retrofit your conservatory with a tiled roof, then you may do…

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The difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory

There isn’t a functional difference between an orangery and a conservatory since both extend a home and create a new indoor space. There is, however, an architectural and aesthetic difference between the two. That difference is in the construction of the roof and base. A conservatory has a pitched or sloping roof with at least…

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