Solid conservatory roof

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Leka Systems Training Is Huge Success

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Do conservatory roof blinds work?

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Tiled Roof Conservatories Versus Glass

Tiled roof conservatories are the natural alternative to glass roofed conservatories, and they’re the more desirable of the two despite being a little more expensive. If you’re on the fence about which to go for, … Read more

Leka Systems

Leka Systems is THE leading lightweight Conservatory roof system. Using revolutionary designs Leka Systems has the only non aluminium or timber roof components to produce the most superior product in lightweight tiled conservatory roofing, providing industry leading U … Read more

Leka Systems Overview

Leka Systems is an industry-leading lightweight conservatory roof replacement manufacturer. The Leka System was designed and engineered on the back of more than 45 years’ industry experience. If you are a conservatory roof supplier looking … Read more

Conservatories in Victorian times

The Victorians played a pivotal role in the development of the glass conservatory as we know it today. Influenced and endeared by the glorious glasshouses built for lords and the wealthy, glazers and engineers set … Read more

Top three benefits of a LEKA roof

The Leka roof is a solid conservatory roofing system that can replace a conservatory roof in existing builds or substitute a glazed roof in new builds. By installing a solid roof, your conservatory benefits from … Read more