Our team have created a leading system that suits our customers needs not just for now, but far into their future too.

Leka Systems

About us

Welcome to Leka Systems

Leka Systems was founded by industry professionals to answer the growing demand for a better alternative to traditional conservatory roof. The same question has arisen over the years that conservatory owners could not use their conservatories in the summer as they were to hot and the conservatory was to cold in the winter.

The team at Leka Systems watched the competitors flood the market with alternative roof products, listened to conservatory owners including their concerns with other products and learned from industry flaws to provide a replacement conservatory roof that meets ‘you’ the homeowners replacement conservatory roof requirements.

And so the original Leka System was born.

The Team

Our management team structure is a perfect blend of industry professionals

Product Design

The team collaboration between design & installation ensures a seamless fabrication and delivery process & a more advanced product in the Leka System.

All systems are designed using our purposes built fabrication software, eliminating potential issues, in most cases from the outset.

Design and order confirmations are sent to your chosen installer for approval, prior to any manufacturing commencing.

Product Manufacture

Once the design of your Leka System is finalised and approved by your chosen installer, then it’s time to manufacture. The Leka System is fully quality controlled at one our independant fabrication facilities. Fabrication is completed providing product location drawings, cutting detail and visual inspections on the shop floor. Each individual element is then labelled, packed and shipped to your home ready for your chosen installation company to complete your luxury Leka System structure.

Product Installation

Leka System Network Installers have the option of undergoing a physical training course to help them fully understand the system and how it should be fitted. This ensures every installation should be a quality one. Installation should usually be completed in a few days, dependant on the size of your project.


To help us protect not just the system design and specification from being copied or adjusted (which would effect to overall quality our customers would see onsite) our patent application has been guided strongly towards to restriction of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) for use in any form of conservatory roof system or single storey extensions, thus allowing Leka Systems to protect its brand and ensure quality products that meet BS guidelines.