Become A Certified Installer

Become a certified installer

Get in touch with us today and see how you can become a certified installer for Leka Systems.

The benefits of becoming qualified as a Leka certified installer

You will be trained to fully understand the unique benefits of the system.

Each superior layer of the Leka system will be explained in detail to assist you in providing a tailored solution for the home owner

As a Leka installation company, you will receive a corner sample as part of a pack that can be shown in meetings
You will receive a qualification to verify you as a certified Leka Systems installer and capable of installing the Leka System across the UK
You will be fully tested to ensure your knowledge of the system is of the highest standard
Marketing support and lead generation is offered to certified installation companies

The process for you as a certified Leka installer

1. You will need to attend visitations with the customer before supplying a quote

2. If you secure an order for a Leka system, a site survey will need to be undertaken to obtain final measurements

3. The full specification of the roof will be provided to a certified fabricator to manufacture the roof components to exacting standards

4. All Leka roofing systems are designed by fabricators using specialised 3D software

5. The system will be sent to the shop floor for measuring, cutting and packaging, ready to be assembled in easily managed parts

6. You will install the Leka System onsite, paying close attention to your installation guide as you go

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