Lean To Hipped Conservatory With Gable Frontage

• Fitted in 2/3 Days
• Lightweight
• Cost Effective
• Energy Efficient
• JHAI Approved
• Lifetime Warranty
• UK Installation Network

This project called for multiple roof styles to create a feature point at the back of the property. When considering a tiled conservatory roof, the Leka system was chosen amongst 4-5 alternatives due to its lightweight nature, along with no corrosive core materials because the customer wanted a room they could rely on for years to come. The Leka roof comes with a 40-year guarantee.

Ambient in temperature throughout the year, this room was instantly utilised and became the main living area for the homeowner. It’s perfect for reading, enjoying a cup of tea and watching the birds come down to feed. A conservatory roof at its best. Check out the work below.

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