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Lean-to Gable Conservatory Roof

• Fitted in 2/3 Days
• Lightweight
• Cost Effective
• Energy Efficient
• MFA Approved
• 40 Year Warranty on Leka Components
• UK Installation Network

This customer really did his homework. Spending some time looking at a great deal of products within the market place and also hitting brick walls for answers due to the lack of resourceful products that were actually ‘lightweight’, and thermally efficient there was also concern about providing a like for like blend into the existing property. The Leka System was introduced and the customer immediately realised the potential.

After considerably looking into the product elements of the Leka System and ensuring he was making the correct decision, the customer was indeed very happy that him and his wife made the choice of installing a Leka Roof.

The result is a conservatory that is energy efficient and visually outstanding. The Leka System comes with a 40-year guarantee and can be installed on new builds and most existing structures. Contact us to find out more.

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