Energy Follow-Up Survey – Conservatories

Leka Xi Conservatory Roof

The 2011 Energy Follow-Up Survey (EFUS) collected data on how households in England use and heat conservatories. The survey interviewed 2616 households, providing a nationally representative sample of the 21.9 million households in England. The results indicate that around 18% of households have a conservatory, equating to around 4 million conservatories nationally. Key findings on … Read more

Why Conservatory Roofs Are the Key to a Stylish and Energy-Efficient Home

Leka Xi Conservatory Roof

Conservatories are popular in many homes, offering a versatile space that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. However, the choice of the conservatory roof is often overlooked, despite being a crucial factor in determining the space’s overall style, comfort, and energy efficiency. The roof plays a significant role in the conservatory design, impacting several aspects … Read more

How a warm conservatory roof will transform your home

conservatory warm roof

“Get a conservatory warm roof, they said. They were right!”. Welcome to the wonderful world of the conservatory warm roof. This unique roofing system will transform your conservatory into a space free from glare, excessive heat, and nuisance noise, making it liveable all year round. A solid roof is ideal roofing for conservatories. It solves … Read more

What is the most energy-efficient conservatory roof?

energy efficient conservatory roof

The most energy-efficient conservatory roof is a solid roof. Solid roofs provide excellent insulation, reducing heat loss in winter and keeping the conservatory cool in summer. This is because they are made of solid materials such as tiles, slate, or shingles that provide good thermal insulation. Solid roofs are also less likely to suffer from … Read more

Save energy and improve your home with a warm conservatory roof

Did you know you can improve your house and standard of living while saving money on energy with a warm conservatory roof? Conservatories are notoriously inefficient structures – an unfortunate by-product of being exempt from Building Regulation control. It means conservatories are cheap and simple to erect but poorly insulated from top to bottom. For example, … Read more

How to make a conservatory more energy efficient

Making your conservatory more energy efficient means reducing your reliance on electric appliances to warm and cool the space. Conservatories lose most of their heat through a poorly insulated roof, usually made from polycarbonate or glazing. This also works the other way in direct sunlight, trapping heat and making your conservatory too warm. Solving the … Read more

The outlook for long term energy prices

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The writing was on the wall for energy prices in 2021 when multiple suppliers folded following sharp increases in wholesale gas prices. Today, household energy bills are 54% higher than in October 2021 after Ofgem increased the energy price cap by 54% in April 2022. And worse is still to come, with Ofgem expected to push up … Read more