The Benefits of a Kitchen Conservatory


A kitchen conservatory with a Leka replacement roof, seamlessly combines cooking and dining spaces with garden views and natural light. Constructing a conservatory extension to house your kitchen provides many advantages over a standard indoor room. Consider these valuable benefits: Potential Drawbacks to Consider: With thoughtful design, a kitchen conservatory provides the ultimate way to … Read more

The Popularity of Wicker Furniture in Conservatories


Strolling through a conservatory, you’ll likely spot plenty of woven wicker chairs, sofas and tables. Wicker has been the go-to furniture material in conservatories for generations. But why exactly is it such a staple choice? Here’s an overview of what makes wicker so well-suited for conservatory spaces: Potential Drawbacks to Consider: The breezy, informal aesthetic … Read more

Transform Your Conservatory into a Home Gym

Home Gymn excercise bike

Conservatories are the perfect blank canvas to convert into home gyms. With ample space, lighting, and views of your garden, a conservatory gym allows you to workout in comfort and privacy. Follow these tips to create your ideal fitness space: Assess the Space Choose Impact-Absorbing Flooring Pick Versatile Equipment Include Supportive Features Install Proper Lighting … Read more

Should I Merge My Conservatory And Living Room?

replaced conservatory roof

Joining your conservatory and living room creates a spacious open-plan area, bringing added light and a feeling of airiness into your home. This layout maximises your living space, connecting indoor and outdoor zones. However, an open-plan design also has drawbacks to consider. Reasons to Merge the Spaces: Factors to Consider: Tips for Successful Integration: Alternatives … Read more

Transform Your Conservatory into a Dining Room

friends round conservatory dining table

Conservatories are wonderful spaces that can be adapted to serve different purposes. Turning your conservatory into a dining room is an excellent way to get more use out of the space while bringing a stylish, light-filled atmosphere to your mealtimes. Changing your glass roof to a Leka replacement conservatory roof will give you much more … Read more

10 Creative Small Conservatory Dining Room Ideas for 2023

friends round conservatory dining table

Do you dream of a stylish and functional conservatory dining room where you can entertain guests and enjoy family meals all year round? With the right interior design choices and space-saving techniques, you can transform your small conservatory into a beautiful dining area that seamlessly connects with your outdoor space. Let’s explore creative small conservatory … Read more

Five Tips To Modernise Your Conservatory

Tiled conservatory roof

Conservatories are cherished for their ability to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the comfort of our homes, but as architectural trends and tastes evolve, it’s essential to keep your conservatory up to date. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your conservatory, then modernising it is a great way to … Read more

Disadvantages of conservatory roof blinds

Conservatory roof blinds can reduce glare and improve comfort, but this is where their benefits end. They’re often more expensive than they are worth, and there are several good reasons why people prefer a light conservatory roof replacement, which we’ll go into below. They are fiddly Conservatory roof blinds need opening, closing, tweaking, and adjusting, so … Read more

How to turn your conservatory into a 24/7 room


The problem with conservatories is they are not designed to be proper extensions of the home, lacking heating, quality insulation and a solid roof. It’s a shame because conservatories are meant to connect our homes to the outdoors, making our gardens accessible from within. But the combination of no heating, poor insulation and a glazed/polycarbonate … Read more