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Conservatory Roof Conversion

A conservatory roof conversion refers to converting or replacing an existing conservatory roof in order to improve the usability, comfort, and appearance of the conservatory. Some key things to know about conservatory roof conversions include:

  • They involve replacing a conventional glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a more advanced roofing system that is usually tiled or has solid insulated panels. This helps regulate the temperature in the conservatory.
  • Popular replacement roof options include tiled roofs, solid roofs, combination solid and glazed roofs, and lightweight tile effect roofs. These provide better insulation, reduce noise, and create a more room-like feel.
  • Roof conversions can enable homeowners to use their conservatory space all year round rather than just in the warmer months. The improved insulation keeps conservatories warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Converted roofs usually have integrated windows and roof vents to let in natural light. However, the amount of light is less than with the original glass or polycarbonate roof.
  • Installing a new roof generally doesn’t require completely rebuilding the existing conservatory. This helps limit disruption and keep conversion costs down.

In summary, a conservatory roof conversion essentially means upgrading the roof to make the conservatory a more functional and comfortable space. It transforms conservatories into usable room space.

How a Leka Conservatory Roof Conversion Works

Leka Warm Roof

Give your tired old conservatory a new lease on life with the Leka solid roof solution. This innovative system expertly rejuvenates outdated sunrooms into fabulous havens for year-round living. It replaces inefficient glazed roofs with an insulated, solid roofing system that can be installed in as little as 2–3 days. The transformation is rapid yet dramatic. Soon, you’ll be enjoying your favourite space again.

The Leka solid roof system is specially designed to convert tired, inefficient conservatories into beautiful, usable spaces you can enjoy no matter the weather.

Our prefabricated, insulating roof panels and structure are made to measure for your existing conservatory. In most cases, the roof can be installed in just 2-3 days without replacing your window frames or walls.

Old glass or polycarbonate roofs need proper insulation. They turn your conservatory into a sweltering greenhouse in summer and an icy box in winter, wasting tons of energy as heat leaks outside. The Leka system solves all these problems in one simple, stylish package.

Our roofs clip together on site from super lightweight glass fibre-reinforced plastic rafters, beams, and panels. The structure sits neatly on your existing walls and windows, provided they meet structural safety codes.

The insulated panels come with pre-applied weatherproof membranes. So, as soon as our team assembles the frame, your space is instantly protected from wind and rain. From start to finish, we aim to create the least possible disruption while transforming your conservatory into the gorgeous garden room you deserve.

What Does a Conservatory Roof Conversion Involve?

Converting your inefficient conservatory roof is the perfect way to transform an unbearable space into a usable garden room. But what does a conservatory roof conversion entail?

Simply put, it means stripping off your existing glazed or polycarbonate roof and replacing it with an insulated solid roof system that is far more energy efficient, converting your draughty, uncomfortable conservatory into a thermally efficient one.

The old, failing roof covering is safely removed and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Your existing frames are then thoroughly checked to ensure they meet stringent structural regulations for the new solid roof. If they are in sound condition, you won’t need to replace your conservatory’s walls or windows.

Made-to-measure, prefabricated solid roof panels are then lifted into place by our installation team. Constructed from super lightweight yet strong glass fibre panels on a plastic beam framework, the structure clips together swiftly on-site. Integrated insulation keeps the new roof highly thermally efficient.

Once secure, weatherproof membranes are added as a final layer to keep wind and rain out. Your choice of stylish tile completes your conversion. New internal trims neaten the transition from roof to side windows. Within days, your once-tired conservatory is a comfortable, usable, all-season garden room.

The Leka Conservatory roof conversion is fast and affordable with minimal disruption to your home. Contact us today to learn more or arrange your free quote.

Energy Efficient For Year-Round Comfort

energy efficiency meter

Leka Conservatory roofs completely transform obsolete sunrooms into fabulous garden rooms you can live in all year.

The secret lies in the intelligent insulation. The panels incorporate 50 mm–75 mm of Celotex rigid foam insulation, giving incredible thermal performance.

Celotex is certified by the British Board of Agrément and achieves an amazingly low U-value of just 0.15. U-values measure heat loss through the fabric of a building.

The lower the number, the better it insulates. For comparison, most uPVC and glass conservatories only manage 1 and 1.5, meaning they leak heat in the winter.

By installing a Leka conservatory roof conversion, you can reduce heat loss by around 90%, converting an inefficient, uncomfortable conservatory into a usable, liveable, low-energy room. The insulation keeps the interior warm in winter and cool in summer, stopping surface condensation and eliminating cold spots.

Designs to Suit Any Home

Leka roofs come prefabricated to fit your existing conservatory footprint, whatever the shape or style. Whether you have a Victorian, Lean-to, P-shaped or bespoke garden room, the Leka system can cover it.

The insulated panels arrive cut to size with ventilation channels and openings pre-formed. We also offer a choice of authentic-looking tile finishes to match your home, including slate grey and stone effect options.

Internal pelmets and trims are also available to give a neat finish where the roof meets your windows and doors. This ensures your conservatory looks like a seamless extension that blends beautifully with your home, rather than an ugly afterthought.

Quick Installation With Minimal Fuss

One of the great benefits of a Leka conservatory roof conversion is the incredible speed of installation. There is minimal disruption to your home because the product is pre-made.

The made-to-measure kit delivers everything needed for a fast, efficient fit. Most installations take less than three days.

First, the old roof covering is stripped away and recycled responsibly, and the beamed rafters are fixed on top of the walls. Rigid insulation panels drop into the rafters, immediately making the space weatherproof. Finally, boards and elegant tiles complete the finish.

We know that living through building work can be stressful, which is why the Leka solid roof offers speedy, low-impact installations. Once finished, all that remains is for you to enjoy your comfortable, energy-efficient conservatory for many years.