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Conservatory Roofers

Find the Best Conservatory Roofers: Why Choose Leka Systems

If you are searching for expert conservatory roofers in the UK, Leka Systems offers a network of highly trained installers ready to upgrade your conservatory with the best roofing solutions available. Here’s why Leka Systems is the premier choice for conservatory roofing.

Benefits of the Leka System

  1. Advanced Insulation and Comfort: The Leka System boasts superior thermal efficiency, providing a comfortable environment in your conservatory throughout the year. With a U value as low as 0.10, it significantly reduces energy costs by maintaining optimal temperatures.
  2. Lightweight and Durable Materials: Using innovative materials such as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), the Leka System is lightweight yet incredibly durable. It resists condensation, sweating, and rot, ensuring a long-lasting roof.
  3. Quick Installation: The Leka System can be installed in just 2-3 days, minimizing disruption and allowing you to enjoy your upgraded conservatory sooner.
  4. Aesthetic Variety: With options like Tapco and Britmet tiles, you can customize your conservatory roof to match your home’s style, enhancing both its look and value.
  5. Building Regulations Compliance: The Leka System is pre-approved by MFA Building Control, simplifying compliance with building regulations. This ensures a hassle-free installation process with only one post-completion inspection required​ (Leka Systems)​.

Trusted Network of Installers

Leka Systems collaborates with a nationwide network of trained and certified installers. This ensures that wherever you are in the UK, you can access professional services for a seamless conservatory roof upgrade. To find a local installer, visit Leka Systems MFA Network.

Quality Assurance

Partnering with Checkatrade, Leka Systems guarantees high standards and customer satisfaction. Checkatrade verifies the quality and reliability of Leka’s network, offering peace of mind to homeowners. Learn more about this partnership on the Checkatrade and Leka Systems page.

Building Regulations

Replacing a conservatory roof involves adherence to building regulations. The Leka System meets all necessary requirements, ensuring your new roof is compliant and safe. For more details, visit the Building Regulations page.

Customer Satisfaction

Homeowners who have upgraded to the Leka System consistently report improved comfort, reduced energy bills, and enhanced aesthetic appeal of their conservatories. These testimonials reflect Leka’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Choosing Leka Systems for your conservatory roof replacement means opting for superior quality, efficiency, and professional installation. With a full UK network of trained installers, Leka Systems ensures your conservatory becomes a usable, comfortable space all year round.

For more information and to find a local installer, visit Leka Systems.