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Is it worth putting a proper roof on a conservatory?

The idea of a conservatory is usually better than the final product.

The problem is that most conservatories have a lightweight timber roof frame with polycarbonate sheet or glazing. Polycarbonate and glazing let 99% of light through, and you still get a copious glare with a solar coating.

Worse, polycarbonate and glazing have poor insulative qualities, making a conservatory feel like a greenhouse. They also let heat escape easily, costing a fortune to heat when temperatures start to drop.

Ultimately, this configuration leads homeowners down the path of knocking down the conservatory and building an extension. But, with extensions costing £1,350-£1,750/m², such a project is hard for the back pocket to swallow.

A cheaper option is to upgrade to a solid conservatory roof (tiles and all) to transform the space into a room that feels like an extension.

But is putting a proper roof on a conservatory worth it?

The case for getting a proper roof for your conservatory 

If your conservatory is unbearably bright and/or suffers from poor insulation, a solid roof will solve both these problems with one solution.

The Leka conservatory roof system is a lightweight roofing system designed to be retrofitted onto your existing conservatory structure.

The solid construction uses high-quality insulation boards, trapping heat inside and stopping the sun from overheating your conservatory.

The roof frame is made from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) with no timber or aluminium in the build to keep weight down. Everything, from the ladder system to the outer sheets and weatherproof coating, is designed to reduce weight.

We will also match the roof tiles to your house tiles. The Leka roof uses high-performance engineered tiles to mimic slate or concrete tiles in any colour, and the Tapco slate and Metrotile tiles are indistinguishable from the real thing unless you’re on the roof.

We are proud to have passed a lengthy and in-depth assessment of our system by jhai, the building control inspector. It has pre-approved building control, which means we do not have to engage local building control for sign off.  

With this in mind, the Leka System is a fully approved, registered roofing system designed for homeowners and built for the trade without compromise.

Whether or not it’s worth it depends on how desperately you want your conservatory to be as usable as any other room in your home.

The Leka system will transform your conservatory into a space as comfortable as your living room at a fraction of the cost of building an extension.

We can confidently say Leka customers would never return to polycarbonate or glazed conservatory roofing. A solid roof might cost more than a cheaper solution like solar film, but it’s a significant upgrade that delivers an epic boost to room usability. Think of it as a long-term solution you never have to worry about again.

For us, that peace of mind is totally worth it.