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Leka Lightweight Tiles – Ideal for Conservatories

Leka roof tiles provide an excellent combination of aesthetics, performance, and ease of installation that makes them well-suited to conservatories in the UK’s climate. Here’s a brief technical overview of their benefits:

  • Made from a lightweight concrete composite containing aggregates, cement, and reinforcing fibres. Weighing in at only 6.5kg per tile, it is significantly lighter than standard concrete (16–17 kg).
  • A high strength-to-weight ratio and engineered design allow the lightweight Leka tiles to meet all required structural standards for roofing (BS 5534 standards in the UK). Can handle up to 470kg/m2 of snow weight.
  • Excellent thermal performance from the concrete composite material helps regulate interior temperatures. Estimated U-values are around 2.5 W/m2K, depending on the tile profile.
  • The interlocking design and lowered weight make Leka tiles easy and safe for roofers to install on typical conservatory pitches. No heavy lifting is required.
  • A range of styles – from classic flat tiles to mock slate or clay profiles – provide aesthetic options to suit traditional or modern tastes. Tile surface textures also add realism.
  • Durability and weather resistance from the concrete composite means a long service life, estimated at over 50 years. It withstands rain, frost, and wind. Minimal maintenance is required.
  • Compared to natural slate or clay, Leka tiles are more affordable. And the lighter weight means lower timber requirements underneath, further reducing costs.

So in summary, Leka conservatory roof tiles allow for fast and safe installation, attractive and authentic visual styles, proven durability in all UK weather, and great value for money—everything you could want in a conservatory roofing product. Their innovative lightweight concrete engineering really ticks all the boxes.