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LEKA Popularity Reflected In Its Figures

Leka growing popularity

LEKA System, home of innovative solid conservatory roof replacement and orangery roof solutions, has taken the market by storm in recent years. In the past year, the company has trained over 400 fabricators and installers to help them get up and running with LEKA products quickly. This impressive figure shows just how quickly LEKA products have proved their value in the marketplace.

LEKA recognises that the key to supporting its fabricators and installers effectively is to ensure there is strong market awareness that will generate leads. For that reason, 90% of LEKA’s annual marketing budget is spent on consumer-driven marketing, including TV advertising. Rhys Hoddinott of LEKA Systems said: “We spend our budget where it will see the most value – in generating leads for our customers. We’ve had incredible results and plan to quadruple our marketing budget in the next financial year to make even more of an impact.”

Of course, if leads are going to convert to sales, the products need to deliver – and it’s here that LEKA excels. The LEKA Warm Roof and the LEKA Orangery Roof tap into the trend towards creating open plan living spaces with greater flexibility than a traditional conservatory.

The LEKA Warm Roof is a solid roof solution that is perfect for retro-fitting on existing conservatories that suffer from being too hot or too cold because it has a U value as low as 0.14 W/m²K. It typically weighs within 10-12% of a traditional glass conservatory roof which means that in most cases existing conservatory frames are able to take the weight of the new LEKA roofing system without needing additional reinforcement (dependant on tile covering choice).

The LEKA Orangery Roof is similarly thermally efficient and offers a lantern-style solution that creates the sophisticated, light-filled space that is so popular with homeowners at the moment.