Leka Systems Lead Management

Signing up to become a Network Leka installer and receive free quality leads is easy and straight forward.

Please watch the instructional video to find out more.

Mandatory requirements to begin receiving leads and maintaining part of our lead distribution service are below:

  • All installers need to sign up to www.onsite7.co.uk to begin receiving leads.
  • Leads will remain to be supplied FREE OF CHARGE, however the minimum cost to sign up to Onsite 7, which stores and allows you to manage your leads, is £100 + vat per month.
  • All installers need to contact their leads within 24 hours of receipt
  • All leads must be set to ‘In Progress’ within Onsite 7, within 24 hours or receipt
  • All leads status’s must be updated regularly to either QUOTED, LOST or SOLD within Onsite 7.

Failure to regularly update your leads will lead to your business being removed from our system.

Using Onsite 7 allows Leka to gain a clear return on investment and helps us focus more time and money on generating higher quantities of quality leads for all of our installers. This process also helps us maintain regular communication with the leads we generate, aiding in the sales process.

Finally if a lead is lost, we can investigate why, and provide valuable feedback to all of our installers.

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To enable leads to assigned to your company, which areas do you service in relation to both sales and installations. Please ensure you specify the first 2/3/4 parts of the postcode i.e. CF11, CF12, etc