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Leka Systems Overview

Conservatory Roof
Leka Tiled Conservatory Roof

Leka Systems is an industry-leading lightweight conservatory roof replacement manufacturer. The Leka System was designed and engineered on the back of more than 45 years’ industry experience. If you are a conservatory roof supplier looking to source your product from the manufacturer directly, we invite you to contact us.

The Leka Roof was designed and tested over several years to create a lightweight, strong and thermally efficient solid roof for conservatories and orangeries. It is suitable for new builds and most existing builds, in the latter as a direct replacement for glass, polycarbonate and other traditional roofing systems.

As conservatory roof manufacturers and suppliers of our own product, we carefully control the ecosystem around our product. The Leka warm roof conservatory system is a high-quality alternative to competitor systems and traditional roofs. Leka installers are vetted and trained to build up our product and receive a qualification to showcase this.

Marketing support and lead generation is offered to certified installation companies and all Leka installers are capable of providing a detailed quotation. Each layer of the Leka system is easily explainable to the customer.

Each and every Leka roof build is custom manufactured to the exact specifications you provide. The full specification of the roof is provided to our certified fabricator who will manufacture the roof components to our standards. The roof will be drawn in CAD software and you can provide a copy to the customer as a schematic.

The build itself will be managed by your company as the installer. Our role as the supplier is to provide you with the system itself. We go further than most conservatory roof suppliers by carefully controlling the manufacture of our system. We do this to maintain a consistent quality and protect the Leka brand.

The Leka System

Developed, tested and perfected in-house by our team of designers and engineers, the ‘Leka System’ is a solid, conservatory roof system that delivers.

  • Fitted in 2/3 Days
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective
  • Energy Efficient
  • JHAI Approved
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • UK Installation Network

It is provided with a 40-year warranty and is engineered to deliver superior performance to glazed and polycarbonate roofs. Typically, it weighs just 30-40kg more than a glass roof (which isn’t much spread over support) so most existing conservatories can bear the weight of the Leka solid roof without additional bracing.