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Leka Systems

Leka Systems is THE leading lightweight Conservatory roof system. Using revolutionary designs Leka Systems has the only non aluminium or timber roof components to produce the most superior product in lightweight tiled conservatory roofing, providing industry leading U Values that will transform your conservatory into a more usable space all year round and thus keeping the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Leka Systems roofing is the smartest way of replacing any existing conservatory roof. Some of the benefits include…. Faster installation, Reduced Noise, Lighter in weight, No timber or Ali (removes the risk of rotting or sweating), external tiles of your choice and a roof systems that is more cost effective.

Through the was Leka systems has been engineered it allows any existing conservatory design or shape to be replaced/installed using the Leka Systems roof with no restrictions other than the pitch of the roof. We at Leka Systems have seen every type of roof structure imaginable over the years and witnessed some roofs that are simply un-safe and this is down to the pitch and construction of the roof. keeping this in mind, all Leka Systems retailers, Manufactures and distribution partners have strict survey guidelines to adhere to before installing any systems we provide.

Every Leka Systems roof comes with a 40 year warranty on the roof layers.