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Merrotile Tiled Conservatory Roof Review

Installing a conservatory is a great way to add extra living space and natural light to your home. Choosing the right conservatory roof is crucial to getting maximum enjoyment from the room. Metrotile, conservatory tiled roofing systems provide an attractive, durable, and cost-effective option perfect for conservatories.

Metrotile roofing utilises pressed steel tiles with stone-coated surfaces. These lightweight steel tiles have an appearance mimicking traditional terracotta or clay tiles but without the fragility and weight. The classic tile profiles and range of natural colours from greys to terracottas allow Metrotile roofs to suit all types of houses and conservatories. Unlike plastic roofs, the textured finish and undulating surface of Metrotiles give an authentic sense of depth and character.

One of the biggest benefits of Metrotile is the extremely lightweight nature of the pressed steel tiles. Weighing just 7kg per m2, they put far less weight and strain on conservatory frameworks versus concrete roof tiles. This makes Metrotile ideal for large conservatory spans where heavy tiles could cause structural issues over time. The lightweight steel tiles are also safer and faster for tradesmen to install on your conservatory roof.

Although lightweight, Metrotile roofing provides incredible strength and durability. The stone-coated steel is resistant to fire, frost, snow, wind and other weather elements. Storms, falling branches, and foot traffic on the roof won’t crack or damage Metrotiles like natural slate or terracotta. They won’t warp or degrade over time, either. This high durability means a Metrotile conservatory roof will maintain its good looks for decades without failing.

Metrotile steel roofing comes with a 40-year weatherproof guarantee. The overlapping tile design provides a watertight barrier with no risk of leaks into your conservatory. Whatever the UK weather throws at it, a Metrotile roof will keep the inside of your conservatory cosy and dry. The tiles also have insulating properties to further regulate temperatures. Ventilation tiles can be incorporated too.

The stone-coated surface of Metrotiles requires virtually no maintenance other than the occasional rinse with a hosepipe. No re-sealing, painting or repairs are needed to keep them looking pristine. You can even walk on Metrotile roofs yourself to clean or access the conservatory framework without damaging the durable tiles. Overall, Metrotile is a very low-maintenance roofing solution.

Metrotile offers homeowners flexibility when it comes to appearance. From rich terracotta hues to slate greys, you can select a colour scheme that complements your property. Mixing colours and textures is also possible to create visual interest. Decorative ridge capping and other bespoke touches can personalise the look further. The design possibilities are endless.

Installation of Metrotile roofing is simple and quick compared to heavy natural tiles. The lightweight interlocking steel tiles click seamlessly together without breaks. With basic DIY know-how, you may be able to install Metrotiles yourself as a cost-saving self-build option. Either way, the swift installation reduces labour time and expense versus traditional roofing.

When it comes to value, Metrotile is very competitively priced considering its outstanding quality and longevity. Pricing is similar to plastic tile alternatives, but Metrotile offers a far more authentic, aesthetically pleasing finish. The reduced installation costs also make Metrotiles an economical choice compared to natural slate or terracotta. In the long term, a Metrotile conservatory roof will save you money from not needing repairs or replacement.

Environmentally, Metrotile offers sustainability benefits. The steel construction contains a portion of recycled material. Production processes are efficient with minimal waste. The tiles can also be fully recycled at the end of life rather than ending up in landfills. For the eco-conscious homeowner, Metrotiles are a great eco-friendly option.

An important benefit for many homeowners is that Metrotile roofing comes with full BBA certification. This involves extensive independent testing to confirm resistance to high winds, torrential rain, frost and algae growth. You can trust a Metrotile conservatory roof to withstand everything the UK climate throws at it. The 50-year guarantee also provides cast-iron peace of mind.

On the rare occasion that a Metrotile does become damaged, a replacement couldn’t be easier. Individual tiles lift out seamlessly without disturbing the rest of the roof. Damaged tiles can be swapped for new ones in minutes by a tradesman or competent DIYer. This simplifies any future repairs.

In summary, Metrotile offers an ideal roofing solution for UK conservatories with the following benefits:

Attractive steel tile appearance resembling terracotta/slate
Extremely lightweight but highly durable and weatherproof
Quick and simple installation
Low maintenance requirements
Good thermal insulation properties
Cost-effective pricing and longevity
Sustainable and recyclable materials
Full BBA certification for proven performance
Easy repairs if ever needed
With a Metrotile roof, your conservatory will not only look great but also stay protected from the elements for decades to come. For anyone considering a new conservatory, Metrotile roofing provides an excellent combination of appearance, performance, and affordability. Investing in Metrotiles will give you a conservatory roof you can enjoy without worry for many years ahead.