Leka systems are proud to broadcast that our system is fully compliant with MFA requirements and that all conservatory roof replacements as well as new build projects using our Leka products are offered with a MFA building regulations approval inspection, should you or your installer choose this service.

Leka Systems

MFA Certified

Government Approved Building Control Inspectors

MFA Ltd is an Approved Inspector, licenced by the government – via the Construction Industry Council (CIC) – to carry out Building Regulations approvals (Building Control) as an alternative to Local Authorities. They have processed 10,000’s of Building Control applications so you can rest assured your Leka System installation will be handled with care, by professionals who are fully compliant in their field, should you or your installer choose to use their services.

MFA Building Control Ltd gained government approval in 2000 to act as Approved Building Control Inspectors. This enabled the company to certify construction projects for Building Regulation purposes, a function historically carried out by local authority building control.

  • Professional – All applications are dealt with by experienced Chartered Surveyors, who are able to make informed professional judgements.
  • Consistent – The same surveyor will deal with your project from start to finish, thus ensuring consistent interpretation of codes and level of service.
  • Fast – Applications are turned around in days.
  • Early Dialogue – MFA believe early dialogue is crucial. If issues are resolved at design concept stage this leads to the entire project running smoothly with no last minute additional costs.
  • Added Value – MFA assist in the building project from initial concept design through to completion, and offer advice that can save fees many times over.
  • Commercially Aware – The team fully appreciate the commercial pressures and constraints our clients work under and have designed their services to reflect this.
  • Areas Covered – MFA operate nationwide so your Leka System installation can be worked on across the country.

What does this mean to you the home owner?

It is not mandatory that you choose this method and either ‘you’ the home owner, or your chosen installer have the ability to make this decision. This process has been put in place to provide a solution for building regulation approval should you choose this path.

Simple, short stage process that provides peace of mind that every installation is provided with a compliant building control certificate should MFA be engaged to complete the necessary checks and sign of reports.

Make no mistake, when converting a conservatory roof to a solid roof you ‘will’ require control sign off.

So your installation company has stated that your new roof system has been LABC approved? This means it has been tested by LABC however you ‘STILL’ require local building control approval and involvement. MFA certification however, enables complete system sign off, without engaging local building control if you or your installer choose this method.

A great deal of our Leka Systems installers have taken part in an installer course that ensures they are fully conversant with how the system goes together as well as the key component structure requirements to ensure the 40 year warranty is provided. Be sure to ask your installer about their experience.

Not only are installation courses offered (but are not mandatory) but the company selling you the system has access to a range of material and product induction courses to ensure they can provide the most up to date and accurate advice possible to help you understand the system you are purchasing.

If in doubt just ask before your installation is carried out.