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Disadvantages of conservatory roof blinds

Conservatory roof blinds can reduce glare and improve comfort, but this is where their benefits end. They’re often more expensive than what they are worth, and there are seven good reasons for that which we’ll go into below. They’re fiddly Conservatory roof blinds need opening and closing and tweaking and adjusting all day, every day,…

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Top three benefits of a LEKA roof

. It is also widely used in new builds as first choice for a solid system where efficiency and quality are desired. The top three benefits of a Leka roof address the common issues cited by homeowners with their glass or polycarbonate conservatory. Here are those three main benefits: Regulates temperature better The number one…

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LEKA Systems Gives Fabricators Opportunities To Add Value

The conservatory market is changing rapidly and fabricators need to make sure they’re offering the products that installers need to compete in the new landscape. Rhys Hoddinott, Director of LEKA Systems says: “If you’re a fabricator looking to support your installer customers in the changing conservatory market, look no further than the LEKA Orangery Roof…

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LEKA Systems Now LABSS Approved

LEKA Systems has just announced that its LEKA Warm Roof and LEKA Orangery Roof  systems have received Registered Detail approval from Local Authority Building Standards Scotland (LABSS). Rhys Hoddinott, Director of LEKA said: “This is great news for fabricators, installers and homeowners in Scotland. It means LEKA products are recognised as being compliant with building…

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Leka Systems Overview

Leka Systems is an industry-leading lightweight conservatory roof manufacturer. The Leka System was designed and engineered on the back of more than 45 years’ industry experience. If you are a conservatory roof supplier looking to source your product from the manufacturer directly, we invite you to contact us. The Leka Roof was designed and tested…

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The Process of Changing a Conservatory Roof

Conservatory Roof

The process of changing the conservatory roof — The Leka System is designed to deliver a smooth installation from project start to project finish, whether it is changing a conservatory roof to a solid one or being installed on a new build. It can be fitted in 2/3 days with low waste and little downtime.…

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Window Warehouse Rates LEKA Roofs

South Coast trade fabricator Window Warehouse added the LEKA Warm Roof and LEKA Orangery Roof to its portfolio in January 2017. Eighteen months on, the relationship has gone from strength to strength. Malcom Cake, Managing Director of Window Warehouse, said: “We chose LEKA Systems because the products offered something different. They have a lower U…

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LEKA Popularity Reflected In Its Figures

LEKA System, home of innovative solid and orangery roof solutions, has taken the market by storm in recent years. In the past year, the company has trained over 400 fabricators and installers to help them get up and running with LEKA products quickly. This impressive figure shows just how quickly LEKA products have proved their…

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Continued Growth At LEKA Systems

LEKA Systems have reported a 100% upturn in sales of its roofing products.   This upturn is driven by demand for the company’s LEKA Warm Roof and LEKA Orangery roof products. Rhys Hoddinott, Director of LEKA, says: “The demand for our LEKA roofs has been superb as more fabricators and installers see for themselves the benefits…

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Homeview Windows Capitalising On Solid Roof Trends With LEKA

Reading’s Homeview Windows started working with LEKA Roof Systems over two years ago and installs the LEKA Warm Roof and the LEKA Orangery Roof. Colin Stichbury, Director of Homeview says: “The solid roof market is really picking up and we have three teams of fitters dedicated to installing LEKA roofs.” Colin commented: “I liked the…

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LEKA roofs Are ‘The Way Of The Future’

Commenting on the LEKA Warm Roof and the LEKA Orangery Roof and what the products have to offer, managing director of Turner Windows of Somerton Ltd., Craig Turner, says: “They’re the way of the future.” Craig highlights the innovative GRP construction of the roofing products. “It means they’re lightweight, there’s no aluminium so there’s no sweating and there’s no timber so…

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There Are No Negatives With LEKA, Say Ecoglaze

No Faults with Leka

Ecoglaze UK has worked with LEKA Systems for just over a year and in that time has been extremely impressed with the conservatory roof products. When asked what he considers the key benefit of LEKA roofs to be, Josh Whale, Director of Ecoglaze UK, has a simple answer. “With LEKA roofs, there are no negatives.…

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Tiled roof conservatory or extension?

If you want to expand your property, you’re probably wondering whether a conservatory or an extension is the better way to go about it. If you indeed have the luxury to choose one or the other (some people don’t have the choice due to space constraints or planning permission) you’re in a good position to…

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Tiled Roof Conservatories Versus Glass

Tiled roof conservatories are the natural alternative to glass roofed conservatories, and they’re the more desirable of the two despite being a little more expensive. If you’re on the fence about which to go for, read on. Price Tiled roof conservatories are less common than glass or glazed roof conservatories because they’re usually more expensive…

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Do conservatory roof blinds work?

If your conservatory is too hot to use in the summer, roof blinds will help keep the temperature down over the course of the day. However, they are not a perfect solution because they have no insulating properties, and only reflect sunlight back. This means they do not help keep a room cool when it…

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The benefits of a solid roof conservatory

It really is a matter of taste whether you prefer a glazed roof or a tiled roof on a conservatory. So, we can’t sit here and tell you one looks better than the other, but we can point out the differences and the benefits of a solid roof. These benefits are relevant to our own…

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Conservatories in Victorian times

The Victorians played a pivotal role in the development of the glass conservatory as we know it today. Influenced and endeared by the glorious glasshouses built for lords and the wealthy, glazers and engineers set out to create lightweight glasshouses on a much smaller scale for townhouses and regular property. As manufacturing output picked up…

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Tiled roof conservatory building regulations

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the building regulations surrounding tiled or solid roof conservatories. In this article, we will quash many of the myths surrounding permitted development and building control. — You might have read that if you want to retrofit your conservatory with a tiled roof, then you may do…

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The difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory

There isn’t a functional difference between an orangery and a conservatory since both extend a home and create a new indoor space. There is, however, an architectural and aesthetic difference between the two. That difference is in the construction of the roof and base. A conservatory has a pitched or sloping roof with at least…

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Orangery Kit Launch Inspires Home Owners and Installers

There has always been a stigma around orangery installations and costs across the UK. Most, if not all orangeries are built using timber, steel and/or aluminium.  This generally makes orangery projects time consuming and costly. Leka systems spotted an opportunity within this market to speed up installations which saves on labour costs as well as…

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