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Ordering Leka system couldn’t be easier

1. Simply send an enquiry through our website, leaving your contact details

2. Your enquiry will be picked up by a Leka office who will then contact you to understand what you are looking for

3. Your enquiry is then assigned to a local certified installation company who will arrange a visitation

4. After your meeting, the Leka sales professional will then supply a quote to you

5. If you decide to proceed with the quote, an installers surveyor will arrange a visit to create a detailed specification

6. The full specification of the roof is then provided to a certified fabricator to manufacture the roof components

7. The roofing system is designed by fabricators using specialised 3D software

8. The system is then sent to the shop floor for measuring & cutting and then packaging

9. Your roofing system is readied for assembly and shipped out

To provide quality assurance your installation will be undertaken by a certified engineer

What to expect from a Leka certified sales professional?

They all undergo extensive training to fully understand the unique benefits of the system

Each Leka Sales representative also receives a corner sample as part of a pack that they show
in their meetings

Each superior layer of the Leka system is explained in detail to assist them in providing a tailored solution for the home owner

Finally, they are fully tested to ensure their knowledge of the system is of the highest standard

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