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Solid conservatory roof

Would we recommend replacing your existing glass/ poly carbonate conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof replacement? In short, yes. By doing so you can maximize the usage for your conservatory all year round by stopping it getting hot and stuffy in the summer and giving you scary heating bills in the winter.

A warm conservatory roof will block any direct sunlight in the summer months which means you can sit comfortably without feeling like you are sitting in a green house and the insulation provided inside the solid roof will keep the heat inside the conservatory during the cold autumn and winter months therefore reducing your energy bills.

Heating is not the only benefit to converting to a solid conservatory roof, it also reduces any noise (no more feeling like you are sitting inside a tin can when the rain comes).

When opting for a solid conservatory roof you will be transforming the inside of your conservatory into a beautiful warm and inviting area with the options of either plastering or cladding the ceiling.

If you are worried about losing the light you currently have coming through the existing roof then you can always insert velux windows into your design.

Every Leka system Solid conservatory roof is designed around your needs. The external tiles covering the roof can be either a TAPCO Slate Or Metrotile enabling you to match your existing house roof tiles.