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The Advantages of a modular conservatory

Modular conservatories like the Leka Xi are a modern replacement for traditional block conservatories, built from a GRP frame and external panels that can replicate the look of brick and stone or be rendered to look like an extension.

GRP is revolutionising the building market and bringing incredible efficiency and customisation to conservatories and extensions.

The most significant advantage of a modular conservatory is the structure is fabricated to order in the factory. The frame and panels are bespoke, enabling you to create a unique structure that fits your home.

The frame and other components are lightweight and designed to fit together seamlessly, making installation a breeze. While an expert can build a modular conservatory within a day or two, brick/block builds take several weeks.

Introducing the Leka Xi Modular Conservatory

The Leka Xi is a modular conservatory system that offers a range of benefits to homeowners – from its thermal efficiency to its range of GRP-clad skins. It takes the complex issues associated with block and brick builds and drastically simplifies the process.

For example, the skins provide authentic brickwork, stone, or timber visuals and offer a maintenance-free solution. The external cladding can also be rendered on-site, offering flexibility and a faster build time.

The most significant advantage of the Leka Xi – versus a block/brick-built solution – is that it takes less time and mess to install. Eliminating the need for heavy excavation saves time and labour and it can be installed almost anywhere.

The Leka Xi is fabricated to order and fully engineered by experts. This strong and lightweight product design eliminates thermal bridging and moisture absorption – and thanks to its cost-effective nature, it doesn’t cost anywhere near the same per square foot as a block/brick build, especially on larger builds.

Here are the advantages of the Leka Xi system:

  • Unbeatable thermal efficiency thanks to specialised fabrication.
  • Meets building control compliance standards.
  • Great for narrow lots with minimal access to the rear.
  • More wallet-friendly than you’d think – cost-effective option.
  • Modular sections with zero requirements for maintenance.
  • Brick-look or timber-look GRP cladding available.
  • Flexibility to render on-site for a truly custom finish.

You should also consider the following unique benefits:

No plywood

Replacing plywood with LEKA boarding improves roofing system weight and U values due to its weatherproof, lightweight, insulated structure.

Engineered skins

The GRP skins are impact-resistant, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and replaceable, ensuring maximum durability and customisation.

Render on-site

For those wanting their conservatory to look like an extension, we can supply external boards that are immediately ready for rendering.

Installable anywhere

The Leka Xi can use concrete pads or a ground screw system to create a foundation for the structure, making it installable virtually anywhere.

Multiple roof options

Want a flat roof? Orangery roof? Lean-to roof? Tiled roof? The Leka Xi system doesn’t limit your options. The world is your oyster!

Installation within one week

While brick/block conservatories take 8-12 weeks to build, the Leka Xi system takes less than one week, including the roof and finishing.

Professional installation network

Only professionals accredited by Network Leka can install the Leka Xi system to ensure the same high-quality installations across all projects.

Summing up – is a modular conservatory right for you?

Modular conservatories, such as the Leka Xi, are revolutionising the building market by introducing efficiency and customisation not seen with traditional builds. The Leka Xi offers unbeatable thermal efficiency, meets building control compliance standards, and is more wallet-friendly than brick/block builds.

You can also install it almost anywhere, and it delivers an authentic brickwork, stone, or timber appearance. It takes less time and mess to install due to lightweight components and efficient fabrication.

With lasting durability, professional installation, and unlimited roof options, the Leka Xi modular conservatory is ideal for anyone wanting an efficient and customisable conservatory. Find out more here.