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The benefits of a solid roof conservatory

It really is a matter of taste whether you prefer a glazed roof or a tiled roof on a conservatory. So, we can’t sit here and tell you one looks better than the other, but we can point out the differences and the benefits of a solid roof. These benefits are relevant to our own solid roofing system, the Leka System.

Seamless design

The first benefit is the seamless design transition a solid roof provides between the conservatory itself and the main building.

A lightweight conservatory roof replacement can be a close match to the tiled roof on your home. The Leka System uses high-performance yet lightweight engineered tiles to mimic slate or concrete in virtually every colour. The Tapco slate and Metrotile concrete imitation tiles are indistinguishable from the real thing unless you’re on the roof.

This is a very different look to a traditional conservatory roof which is glazed. A glazed roof is great for flooding the room with light, but not so great for design continuity. If you want a seamless design, a tiled roof is what you want.

Greater longevity

The Leka System is engineered to outlast competitor fibreglass, traditional build, glass and polycarbonate roofing systems. The frame is constructed from glass reinforced plastic with no timber or aluminium in the build. Everything from the ladder system to the outer sheets and the weatherproof coating is designed to last.

Our glass reinforced plastic roofing system is patent-pending. The application is in for a review and we are confident it will be approved.

We are proud to have undergone and passed a lengthy and in-depth assessment of our system by MFA, the building control inspector. With this in mind, the Leka System is a fully approved, registered roofing system. It is designed for homeowners and built for the trade without compromise. It is a 100% quality system.

Orangery look

Lastly, our solid roofing system can be just that – 100% tiled – or it can be designed to accommodate windows and a roof lantern. It’s entirely up to you. Many homeowners go for a completely tiled look; others go for a roof lantern. If you opt for the latter, your conservatory will take on the appearance of an orangery. If you already have a conservatory check out our orangery conversion kit to replace your roof.

Our system is (probably) the best in the business. Contact us for a quote. Enquiries are welcome from both trade and residential customers. Thank you.