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The difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory

There isn’t a functional difference between an orangery and a conservatory since both extend a home and create a new indoor space.

There is, however, an architectural and aesthetic difference between the two. That difference is in the construction of the roof and base.

A conservatory has a pitched or sloping roof with at least 75% of it glazed. The walls are also 50% glazed at a minimum. Many modern builds have a glazed frame from the foundation to the roof. An orangery is constructed from brick or stone and has a flat roof with a domed or pitched roof lantern. Many modern builds have a tiled roof.

Both orangeries and conservatories come in all shapes and sizes, although orangeries are usually larger and square or rectangular in shape.

Generally speaking, orangeries are more desirable than conservatories because the tiled roof is viewed as a purer and more bespoke extension of the home. That’s not to say some conservatories aren’t beautiful, but it is to say orangeries are the preferred option all being equal. You’ll certainly pay for the upgrade though.

Pound-for-pound, orangeries cost more than conservatories because they have more brickwork and a more complex roofing system. Thankfully, if you have a glazed conservatory you can convert your roof without replacing the build entirely with our lightweight conservatory roof system.

Can a conservatory roof be converted?

Yes. For existing builds, it is perfectly possible to convert a glazed conservatory roof into the more desirable tiled variety with the Leka orangery conversion kit.

Our orangery roof conversion kit replaces your fibreglass, traditional build, glass or polycarbonate roof with a truly lightweight tiled roofing system.

Homeowners can finish the roof with a choice of engineered tiles that perfectly imitate slate or concrete. These are called Tapco Slate and Metrotile.

Compatible with most existing builds, our orangery roof conversion kit is designed for homeowners and built for the trade. It’s exceptionally easy to construct and there’s no aluminium or timber used in the build. The Leka roofing system is constructed from GRP, a stronger and more durable alternative to traditional materials.

This strong and sturdy base provides structural support for the tiles and, optionally, a glass lantern and openable roof windows. The Leka system can replace your conservatory roof in its entirety and doesn’t take long to erect.

Call us on 0800 773 4040 or send us a message to find out more about conservatory roof replacement. Thank you.

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