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The grass is greener with Leka Systems

With the continued fluctuation in energy prices prompting a swift shift in consumer attitudes towards energy efficient home improvements, Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director at Leka Systems, sheds light on how its popular roofing solutions are providing a competitive advantage for fabricators and installers.

The surge in energy prices has undoubtedly heightened consumer urgency to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. With several independent surveys revealing that consumers recognise the rising energy costs as a driving force behind the adoption of energy-efficient measures, the increased focus on energy efficiency could be perceived as a major gain for the industry. However, the reality is that consumer spending is under significant strain, approaching once-in-a-generation lows.

It’s fair to say that the pool of consumers willing to invest in home improvements has shrunk over the past twelve months and may reduce even further in 2024. As a result, fabricators and installers must make astute business decisions regarding the products they offer to cater to the more affluent customer who is still seeking cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions.

Leka products have consistently achieved industry-leading U-values, a testament to our system’s innovative design protocols—a distinct advantage that holds even greater relevance in the current climate.

Our Leka Warm Roof was designed with thermal efficiency in mind and offers an industry-leading U-value of just 0.10 W/m²K. This is a substantial advantage when appealing to today’s energy-conscious consumers.

The thermal efficiency of Leka products is attributed to the ingenuity of our roofing design. Since the introduction of our Leka Warm Roof some ten years ago, we have been at the

forefront of roofing innovation and are now the tried and tested industry solution for many fabricators and installers. Furthermore, by choosing Leka, fabricators and installers align themselves with a brand that prioritises sustainability without compromising on product performance.

Leka products distinguish themselves through their GRP construction, devoid of wood or aluminium. This design ensures zero moisture absorption, eliminates condensation, and prevents thermal bridging.

As well as our iconic warm roof, we also offer the Leka Orangery roof and the Leka Xi modular system, which creates thermally efficient home extensions or freestanding garden rooms. And the Leka Carport & Canopy System provides a durable, lightweight and rapid construction alternative to more traditional carport systems.

But the advantages of Leka products extend beyond their primary function. Not only are the products compliant with building control regulations, streamlining paperwork, but Leka fabricators and installers benefit from comprehensive marketing and technical training support. This includes direct consumer marketing that delivered over 1000 enquiries from homeowners in 2023 which were all distributed to approved Leka installing partners.

To truly understand the depth and breadth of Leka’s product range, fabricators and installers are encouraged to explore the Leka Systems show site and training centre at the award-winning National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon, Wiltshire. Opened in September 2023, this state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub of expertise, offering comprehensive training programs and live Leka demonstrations. The facility not only highlights the various applications of Leka roofing products but also provides hands-on experience, empowering Leka partners to master the installation process and stay ahead in the industry.

For fabricators and installers, aligning with Leka in 2024 is not just a business decision; it’s a strategic partnership for success. By incorporating Leka roofing products into their portfolios, they can quickly differentiate themselves in a competitive market. The Leka brand carries a reputation for excellence and innovation, providing fabricators and installers with a valuable asset that can attract new customers and elevate their projects.

With a decade of headlines and success stories, Leka stands as a testament to the transformative power of forward-thinking roofing solutions. For fabricators and installers ready to make a lasting impact and embrace the green revolution in construction, the choice is clear – the grass is undeniably greener with Leka roofing products.

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