Warm Roof Conservatory Specialists

The Leka, warm roof system for conservatories has been engineered through innovation, technical design and years of practical experience to create probably the best conservatory roof system available.

If you're looking to transform your conservatory into a comfortable, usable living space all year round, a Leka Warm Roof System is the perfect solution. Expertly engineered with high-performance insulation and thermally efficient materials, a Leka conservatory warm roof enables you to enjoy a naturally bright and airy space without succumbing to cold drafts in winter or stifling heat in summer.

With thousands of happy homeowners enjoying the benefits of their Leka warmroof, this is a proven conservatory roofing system that is widely recommended in the trade. It can replace the roof on most existing conservatory builds including most glass, fibreglass and polycarbonate roofing systems, all without the need for additional bracing.

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inside a warm roof conservatory

Benefits of Leka Warm Conservatory Roofs:

Superior Thermal Performance - Leka's innovative composite roof construction featuring rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation core achieves phenomenal U-Values as low as 0.15 W/m2K for maximum all weather comfort and energy savings.

Beautiful Realistic Tiles - Leka's lightweight roofing tiles replicate the textured finish of natural slate or clay tiles while weighing a fraction of traditional materials, available in a wide variety of colors.

Added Living Space - Transform wasted space into a functional room with a warm roof conservatory perfect for dining, entertainment, play area, home office or more.

Increased Property Value - Warm roof conservatories add value and set your home apart with a stunning showpiece filled with natural light.

Proven & Robust Construction - With tens of thousands of Leka roofs installed over 20+ years across extreme weather regions, Leka's engineered thermally broken structure withstands the elements.

Hassle-Free Installation - Leka roof systems retrofit onto existing conservatory frames with minimal disruption to your home or garden with most installations completed in only a few days.

Complete Peace of Mind - Leka warm roofs are CE marked and BBA certified meeting stringent UK building regulations for complete assurance and peace of mind. Enjoy industry-leading 40 year warranties (T&Cs apply).


Note: certain products within the Leka roof system are not supplied directly from Leka and are not included in the 40-year product warranty.

So let's get started

The Leka roof has been successfully installed on thousands of conservatories. It is used to upgrade existing conservatory roofing systems and can also be installed on new-build extensions / conservatories. This is done for aesthetics, performance and energy efficiency. We invite you to view some of our recent case studies to judge the appearance of the Leka roof for yourself. We also have an extensive list of testimonials from installers.

FAQ - Warm Roof Conservatory. Insulated Conservatory Roof

FAQ - Warm Roof Conservatory. Insulated Conservatory Roof

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