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Tiled Roof Conservatories Versus Glass

Tiled roof conservatories are the natural alternative to glass roofed conservatories, and they’re the more desirable of the two despite being a little more expensive. If you’re on the fence about which to go for, read on.


Tiled roof conservatories are less common than glass or glazed roof conservatories because they’re usually more expensive and take longer to erect.

Glazed roof conservatories are cheaper than tiled roof conservatories because they are lighter, and therefore in most applications less structure is typically required to support the weight of the roof. This means less materials and labour. So, if you want a low-cost conservatory, glazing is the way to go.

We say ‘most applications’ because with the Leka system this is not the case. We have designed a truly lightweight solid tiled roofing system that outperforms and outlasts most glass and polycarbonate roofing systems.

The Leka System is engineered in such a way that any existing conservatory design or shape can be replaced/installed with the Leka System Lightweight Tiled Roof. If you want to change the appearance of your conservatory without knocking it down, the Leka System is the ideal solution. Find out more about conservatory roof replacement here.

Room usability

Something we hear a lot from glass or glazed roof conservatory owners is they struggle to use their conservatory in the summer and winter months. Warm roof conservatories are the answer

This is because in the summer, the glazed roof amplifies and traps in heat like a greenhouse, and in the winter, because the glazing offers absolutely no protection from glare. These annoyances are some of the key reasons why more homeowners than ever are considering knocking down their conservatory and building a new one.

Because tiled roofs are insulated and solid, they don’t let unwanted light or heat penetrate the room. This creates a more usable space all year round.

Look and appearance

Most people take the view that their conservatory should be an extension of the home, and to this end it’s hard to favour glass roofs over tiled.

Tiled roof conservatories can be a very close match to the roof of your home. The Leka System, for example, uses Tapco slate or Metrotile concrete tiles. These high-performance, lightweight, engineered tiles are available in several colours.

Tiled roofs can be designed to accommodate almost any pitch and because they are built up to spec, they are not ‘off-the-shelf’ products. This means every roof has its own charm and if you like, you can add ornamental detailing during the build.

Fully glazed roofs by comparison are cheap looking. The worst offenders look like no more than a glorified greenhouse. In our opinion, tiled roofs are the way to go and the Leka System is the best of the bunch. But don’t just take our word for it.