Tiled roof conservatory or extension?

If you want to expand your property, you’re probably wondering whether a conservatory or an extension is the better way to go about it.

If you indeed have the luxury to choose one or the other (some people don’t have the choice due to space constraints or planning permission) you’re in a good position to choose one or the other. So, which will it be?

Conservatory or extension, what’s the difference?

Perhaps it will be beneficial if first we clarify the difference between a conservatory and an extension. If we’re talking about a lower storey build, the difference is a conservatory is separated from the property by an internal door and must have its own heating supply. An extension can be connected to an existing room and share central heating with the house it has become an extension of. It is fully integrated.


An extension is what homeowners really want when they build a conservatory. These add significant value to a property by increasing the living space. The trouble is they are expensive to build and tightly regulated. Conservatories are a cheaper way around this and serve a purpose, but they are hit and miss.

Because extensions are connected to the main property with no door to separate them, from the inside they feel like an original installation and not an add-on.

The biggest advantage extensions have over conservatories though is design continuity. Extensions are designed to match the build of the property they will extend. Conservatories tend to stick out like a sore thumb in comparison, although a solution to that is a tiled roof conservatory. These tend to blend in much better.

Tiled roof conservatories

To meet permitted development criteria, a new conservatory build must be a separate outbuilding connected to your home.

In the past, this would greatly limit your design choice with the only viable roofing system being a glazed roof. This is why you see so many old, tatty conservatories that look more like an afterthought than an extension.

Thankfully, this is no longer necessary, and you can have a tiled roof conservatory that matches your home with the Leka System.

The Leka System is a lightweight tiled conservatory roof replacement system that can directly replace your existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. Our system can even be fast-tracked through building applications in most cases and every installation gets a building control certificate, which is crucial for when you come to sell up.

There are no building restrictions other than the pitch of the roof to be installed and what lies beneath your existing installation. The finished product will appear to be an extension of your home from the outside, which is the look you want.

How much does all this cost? Much less than building an extension, put it that way. Contact us today for a quote (homeowner and trade enquiries welcome).