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Time to Replace Your Conservatory Roof? What You Need to Know for 2023/24

Time to Replace Your Conservatory Roof? What You Need to Know for 2023/24

If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your conservatory roof, you’re not alone. Many homeowners find themselves facing this decision. Replacing your conservatory roof is a significant project, but it can also be a great opportunity to upgrade and modernise this valuable living space. Here’s what you need to know about replacing a conservatory roof in 2023/24

Why Replace Your Conservatory Roof?

The average life span of a conservatory roof is 10–15 years. If yours is older, a replacement is a good idea.
Replacing your outdated or deteriorating conservatory roof with a new one can help update the look of your conservatory, reduce leaks and drafts, provide better insulation, and allow you to enjoy the space year-round.

What Are Your Main Roof Replacement Options?

If you’ve decided it’s time for a new conservatory roof, you have several replacement options to consider:

Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate is a lightweight, rigid plastic material that is a popular conservatory roofing option. It’s available in a variety of colours and grades. Clear polycarbonate provides excellent light transmission but limited insulation. Coloured polycarbonate reduces glare while maintaining good light levels. Solid polycarbonate is opaque but provides the best insulation. Polycarbonate grades range from standard to high-impact resistant.


Lightweight, easy to install
Available in different colours/transparency
Durable and long-lasting material


Not as insulating as other materials
Can become brittle and discoloured over time

Glass Roof

A glass conservatory roof is a great way to let in natural light. However, it does not solve the issues of heat retention, insulation and making the space usable all year.


Aesthetically pleasing look
Excellent light transmission
Durable and long-lasting


Heavier than polycarbonate
More expensive
Can still be prone to condensation

Solid Roof

Replacing your conservatory roof with a solid roof completely changes the look and functionality. Solid roof options include:

Insulated composite panels offer excellent insulation in a lightweight roof solution. Can be tiled or slate-effect.
For a seamless look with the rest of your home, a tiled or slate-style roof has traditional good looks.


Excellent insulation and soundproofing
Increased weather protection
Turns a conservatory into a year-round living space


Reduced light levels
Higher cost than glazed or polycarbonate roofs

How Leka’s Innovative Conservatory Roof System Compares

Beyond these traditional options, innovative modern roof systems like Leka’s are also worth considering for your conservatory roof replacement project

Leka’s patented lightweight insulated panels allow you to achieve a traditional glazed conservatory look with solid roof insulation and performance. Key benefits include:

Beautiful orangery-style roof with full-length ridges and concealed gutters
Insulated panels provide thermal efficiency comparable to a solid roof
It gives you an open, bright interior with glare-free diffused light
Quick and straightforward installation with minimal disruption
Fully tested and certified to meet UK building regulations
Available in different glazed panel options: clear, bronze, grey, and solar control
Guaranteed for up to 25 years for peace of mind
For homeowners seeking the ornate, architectural look of an orangery with excellent energy efficiency, Leka delivers the best of both worlds in one innovative roofing system. Review Leka’s brochure for full details on the specs, appearance, installation process, and warranty terms.

Step 1: Carefully Measure Your Existing Conservatory

Once you decide it’s time to replace the roof on your conservatory, the first step is taking detailed measurements of the existing structure. This allows roofing suppliers to provide accurate quotes and ensures the new roof will fit properly during installation.

Measurements to capture include:

Overall width and length
Dimensions of all windows/panels
Height at the eaves and apex
Size and type of any existing roof vents or openings
Framework dimensions and construction material (usually either PVC, aluminium or timber)
Having clear photos of your conservatory can also be helpful for reference. Measure accurately and double-check your numbers – getting measurements wrong at this stage could cause big headaches later on!

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Roof Design and Material

With measurements in hand, you can start exploring options and materials for your new conservatory roof:

Review the pros and cons of glass, polycarbonate or solid roof types.
Consider how you want to use the space – lighter options like Leka allow you to retain the bright, airy conservatory feel.
Factor in installation requirements – some solid roofs require additional side walls and foundations.
Double-check that any roof you quote will comply with building regulations.
Choose a style (Victorian, gable, lean-to, etc) and customisations like roof vents.
Ideally, aim for the best balance of aesthetics, efficiency, cost and practicality for your needs. Don’t overlook innovative modern solutions like Leka – you don’t have to stick with ordinary polycarbonate or glass!

Step 3: Get Quotes from Reputable Roofing Companies

Once you’ve decided on the style and materials for your new conservatory roof, it’s time to get some quotes. Aim to get at least 3 quotes from reputable roofing installers in your area.

When meeting potential roofers, ask the following:

Do they have extensive experience with conservatory roof replacements specifically?
Can they provide examples and reviews from past conservatory re-roof customers?
Will they handle getting any required building permits/approvals?
Do they provide a workmanship warranty? For how long?
What does their quote include and exclude? Get full details.
Also, clarify the full quote terms up front – some companies provide initial quotes excluding certain works needed to complete the job. Taking the time to find the right roofer will pay dividends for the quality and durability of your new roof.

Step 4: Schedule Your Roof Installation

Once you’ve selected and signed with your chosen roofer, it’s time to book in the roof installation works. Be sure to ask:

How long will the project take? Plan for 1-2 days typically.
How will they protect your conservatory interior and contents?
Do they require any special access like a crane?
Are there any special requirements for the installation site e.g. height clearance?
How will they dispose of old roof materials and waste?
Ideally aim for a roof replacement during warmer, drier months to avoid weather delays. Check if your installer offers any guarantees if the project overruns due to poor weather.

Step 5: Handle Any Accompanying Repairs

A conservatory roof replacement provides the perfect opportunity to take care of any other repairs needed on your structure. This prevents having to re-do work later.

Typical accompanying repairs include:

Replace rotten/damaged timber on windows, frames or doors
Reseal and replace any cracked glass panes
Upgrade ventilation – consider adding roof vents or a fan
Improve heating by adding a conservatory radiator if needed
Install blinds or curtains to manage light/heat after the new roof is complete
By handling these repairs now, you can maximise the improvement to your conservatory and get many more years of enjoyment from the space.

Maintaining and Taking Care of Your New Conservatory Roof

Once your new conservatory roof is installed, a little regular maintenance and care will keep it looking great and functioning properly for decades to come. Follow these tips:

For polycarbonate and glass roofs:

Wash down the roof at least annually using mild soap and water – this prevents dirt buildup and aids with water runoff.
Inspect panels/glass units for any cracks, haziness or damage – replace any compromised panels immediately.
Check for loose screws, fittings and flashing – re-tighten if needed to prevent leaks.
Clear out gutters and downpipes regularly to prevent overflow and moisture damage.
Avoid overhanging tree branches rubbing against the roof. Trim back any rubbing branches.
For solid roofs like Leka:

Follow the manufacturer’s care guidelines – Leka roofs are very low maintenance but do require occasional washing.
Inspect flashings, ridges and joints – re-seal if needed.
Clean out gutters and valleys to prevent any moisture buildup.
Check insulation condition in the roof – replace any damaged or sagging insulation panels.
Touch up any minor scratches/damage to surface finishes using manufacturer-provided paint.

Replacing an ageing or defective conservatory roof is a major home improvement project, but well worth it to extend the life and enhance the comfort of your conservatory. Following the steps and advice outlined above will keep your roof replacement project on time, on budget and headache-free!

Taking a little time to maintain and look after your new roof will ensure your conservatory provides the perfect place to relax and enjoy the views for decades to come. With exciting modern options like Leka’s replacement conservatory roof system, you can upgrade both the looks, insulation and performance of your conservatory roof.