Top three benefits of a LEKA roof

It is also widely used in new builds as the first choice for a conservatory roof replacement where efficiency and quality are desired.

The top three benefits of a Leka roof address the common issues cited by homeowners with their glass or polycarbonate conservatory. Here are those three main benefits:

  1. Regulates temperature better

The number one reason homeowners don’t like their conservatory is because it’s too cold in winter and too warm in summer. Glass and polycarbonate roofs have a greenhouse effect in summer and let too much heat escape in winter.

The Leka warm roof solves both these issues. Whereas a polycarbonate roof might have a U value of 1.75 and a glass roof U Value of 1.0, the Leka roof has a U value of 0.15 which is probably better than the roof on your house. This means warm air gets trapped in winter, and the solid construction means no greenhouse effect can take place in summer. The room is therefore more usable all-year round.

If you have an old polycarbonate or glazed roof on your conservatory, it’s probably past its best and was never very efficient to begin with. The Leka roof will eliminate draughts, cold spots and keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

  • Cuts glare

The second most commonly cited reason homeowners do not like their conservatory is because of glare. This is a massive issue because it gets worse at the time of year you want to use your conservatory most – summer.

The unfortunate truth is glazed, and polycarbonate conservatory roofs always create a significant amount of glare. Remedies like shutters, blinds, and window film can be effective at reducing glare, but they are temporary solutions to the problem and do not eliminate it completely. In the case of blinds and shutters, the result is also an ugly product covering up the roof and reducing the space’s openness.

The Leka roof is a better solution. By replacing a glazed, or polycarbonate roof with a solid roof, no sunlight can penetrate down below. Light can’t get through a solid roof and you don’t have to give up the ability to create more light – you can have Velux windows installed which have remote-controlled blinds built in.

  • Matches up with your house

The third most commonly cited reason homeowners do not like their conservatory is because it doesn’t match the style of the house. This is because the glazed or polycarbonate roof doesn’t match the house’s lovely tiled roof.

This problem is solved by the Leka warm roof because it is a solid roof with a tiled finish. The engineered tiles used – which are manufactured by Tapco or Metrotile – perfectly mimic the appearance of real slate or concrete and are available in a wide range of different colours to match the roof on your house. These tiles are also stronger than the real thing so last longer and are less prone to breaking.

There are also no design limitations with the Leka roof, which can match the original pitch of your old conservatory roof or modify it in pitch or style. The Leka roof can replace Victorian, Edwardian, lean-to and combination roofs.

Each Leka roof is designed and built to order and installed by a Leka approved UK installer. It takes 2-3 days to erect on average and can usually replace the roof on conservatories without additional support or bracing required.